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        Welcome to the official website of Dongguan Kaixin Auto Machinery Co., Ltd.!

        National free service hotline:+86-769-81199288

        Online Service
        Working Time

        Mon. To Sat. 8:30-17:30

        Contact Information

        National free service hotline:

        About Us

        Contact Us

        Dongguan Kaixin Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

        Address: West Tower, the main building of Xia Lingbei Baiye International Auto Parts City, Liaobu Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

        Tel: +86-769-81199288

        After-sales service hotline: +86-769-81190111

        Fax: +86-769-81199289


        1991 Kaixin Tools Trade Department was established

        1996 Kaixin Auto Maintenance was established (the same year, Fazheng Road Sales Center was established)

        1998 Kaixin Jinniu Road Sales Center was established

        2000 Kaixin Wancheng Avenue Sales Center was established

        2004 Kaixin comprehensive and intelligent sales center was established

        In 2004, he was qualified as the general agent of Germany's bright sanda spray gun in China.

        In 2006, Kaixin invested huge sums of money to build the first brand of China's auto industry.

        2007 Kaixin (knowledge) sales showroom was established

        2008 Kaixin launched a nationwide chain strategy

        2009 Kaixin Brand Experience Center was established

        In 2009, Dongguan Polytechnic School awarded the automotive talent training base.

        In 2009, Kaixin launched a comprehensive automotive talent training program and a school vocational teaching cooperation project.

        2010 Dongguan Consumer Council, Quality Association, Auto Parts Industry Association awarded the integrity management model enterprise

        2010 Cooperation with Dongguan Zhitong Vocational and Technical School to train the five-year cooperation plan for talents in the automotive industry

        In 2015, the store upgraded to provide customers with quality service, comfortable purchasing environment and professional guidance, thus creating a safe and win-win cooperation situation.